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Welcome to the OPERC Bookshop

This is the OPERC Bookshop, from where you may conveniently purchase (using our 'shopping cart' system) any of the full range of OPERC publications and products.

Note that our product range is continually being added to, so do feel free to return here regularly to see what is new!

The Bookshop comprises four compartments. The contents of these sections are as follows:

  • Publications - contains all professional publications (e.g. Codes of Practice, Best Practice Guides, textbooks).
  • DVDs - contains OPERC teaching and learning aids presented on DVDs that may be used for self, or group study.
  • Modules - contains modules of study on a wide range of health and safety subjects.
  • Merchandise - contains miscellaneous OPERC merchandise.

Within each section are images (or image frames) of each item. Click on an item image to obtain more detailed product information and a synopsis of content for written items.

To purchase an item click on its "Add To Basket" button and your shopping will be totalled as you progress.

Happy shopping!