Why read PEP?

PEP brings you the very latest news, in-depth special reports, up and coming events, expert opinions and cutting edge research within the quarrying, plant hire, construction and civil engineering industries - indeed any industry that uses plant and machinery! PEP is essential reading for anyone who wishes to keep abreast of the very latest developments within industry in order to develop and enhance their business. The journal's editorial team takes great pride in focusing upon the professional people within industry; after all, it is people that invent, design, buy, maintain and operate machinery.

Contents within PEP and Special Features

At Plant and Equipment Professional we have recurring themes in each issue so that readers and sponsors become familiar with both content and format. For every issue we look for articles on:

  • People - covering prominent professionals within industry who have an interesting story to tell, or whose careers and work provide inspiration to others, wish to advertise a new position that has been taken up (with the wider community)
  • Innovation - covering the very latest products and services offered by companies or scientific breakthroughs that offer innovative solutions to industry
  • Expert opinion - providing coverage of the professional views of experts who wish to share their knowledge and experience with a wider audience - any topic may be covered, in any industry and this is a great opportunity for passionate people to put forward their ideas on important topics which impact upon industry today.
  • Training and education - reporting upon new courses available, discussing the theory behind training and competence and covering relevant issues facing the industry (i.e. the new for new types of delivery).
  • Mechanical engineering technology - covering the theory underpinning the development of new tools and machines as well as explaining new products and services specifically designed to support hese. Within this section, we cover engineering innovation, new materials used (i.e. ceramics instead of steel), new features on a products etc.
  • Information and communication technology - reporting upon aspects relating to the very latest software, telematics, wireless technology etc.
  • Health and safety - covering new initiatives to support industry and providing special reports on the inadequacies of current safety provisions. Sometimes provocative but always interesting reading!.
  • Letters to editors - Vent your spleen or praise those who have either undertaken work of an outstanding quality or have devoted their life to the betterment of all within industry! Start a debate or knock one on the head - now's your chance!

When is PEP published?

PEP is a bi-monthly journal, published in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec. It can be purchased via subscription for only 15 per annum or alternatively is available to view on-line.

Who reads PEP?

PEP has a distribution list of around 12,000 individuals and companies who are major stakeholders within the plant and equipment community. These include major construction contractors, manufacturers, quarrying companies, plant hire companies, local authorities and government bodies, training providers, ports authorities and civil engineers. Importantly, PEP is read by professionals who are associated with plant and machinery management so sponsors can be assured that the right target audience is reading PEP.

Who publishes PEP?

The PEP journal is entirely owned, managed and edited by On-track Multimedia, PO Box 5412, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 9HJ.

Plant Equipment Professional(PEP)