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Construction News - PLANT 07

News Flash from Construction News (09/03/07)

Operc members will be interested to know that Trevor Gamble, Chairman of the CPCS Management Committee and a member of CPA Council, is to launch a wide-ranging review of the CPCS scheme at the Plant 07 conference on March 22 in Birmingham.

As the extract from Construction News shows below, he is promising a number of radical proposals for the industry to consider. Please come and join the debate. Operc's very own David Edwards will be speaking about Havtec at the conference, whilst other pressing subjects include tower crane safety, respirable silica dust and plant theft from a police perspective.

Trevor Gamble has promised 'fundamental changes' to CPCS and the way operators are trained in this country.

The most radical of these would see CPCS distancing itself from the monitoring of the training and focusing its resources on the management of the technical test itself.

Mr Gamble said: "We envisage it being like the LGV format, where the driver cannot pass the test unless he is professionally trained, but owner-drivers are not forced to take a fixed number of days' training to get to that point." He has also proposed league tables for training providers, showing their success rates, making it transparent for prospective trainees.

He said: "Those training providers who are only doing experienced worker assessment will be in for a shock."

Also on the cards is a shake-up of the current health and safety test, which will see it, brought to the beginning of training. A new 'technical test' with specific plant questions will be added to the end of the courses.

For more information on attending the Plant 07 conference, see or contact [email protected]

Plant 07 conference, March 22,Birmingham