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New Construction Health and Safety DVD

MCG Publishes Multi-lingual Health and Safety DVD (13/03/07)

Please see below for a press release from the MCG regarding a new multi-lingual DVD they have released entitled 'Health & Safety - UK Construction standards'.

MCG Publishes Multi-lingual Health and Safety DVD (13/03/07)

The Major Contractors Group (MCG) has published a pioneering multi-lingual DVD aimed at improving health and safety awareness in the construction industry

The short film, commissioned and funded by the MCG, aims to help employers communicate key health and safety messages through the most commonly used languages on UK construction sites. It can be played in any one of 10 languages including Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Punjabi.

Vaughan Burnand, Chief Executive of Shepherd Construction, and Chairman of the MCG Health and Safety Working Group, said a key challenge in maintaining the UK's excellent health and safety standards was ensuring good communications with the workforce.

Among the wide number of areas covered by the DVD - entitled 'Health & Safety - UK Construction standards' - are issues such as working at height, emergency responses and working safely with plant and vehicles.

Vaughan Burnand said: "The construction industry needs to embrace the non-English speaking workforce, and communicate the standards that the UK market demands and, equally importantly, what they should expect to receive.

"MCG members have sponsored the production of this DVD to ensure that it is available to all contractors, to help educate their non-English speakers on appropriate standards and legal requirements. We hope that this will go some way to further improve the standards of our industry."

Shelley Atkinson-Frost, Director of Health and Safety at the Construction Confederation who worked closely with the MCG on the production of the DVD said: "The construction industry has a well established tradition of providing on site induction for its workers, recognising the importance of informing the workforce on the serious hazards within the industry.

"Contractors and others face new challenges in communicating to workers for whom English is not their first language - this DVD is a visual and interactive way of informing workers on the UK construction industry health and safety standards and site expectations."

Mark Owen, who is Health and Safety Manager at Shepherds, explained the thinking behind the DVD saying: "'It was apparent that there were a number of products in the general market that were trying to tackle the issue of communication with non-English speakers, yet none focussed on the construction sector.

"Recognising that there are some people who find reading difficult, we set about creating a DVD that was more accessible than one with subtitles. The result is a DVD that is industry specific and communicates in the best possible way."

Stephen Williams, Chief Inspector of Construction at the Health and Safety Executive, welcomed the initiative saying: "Every construction worker should be provided with comprehensible and relevant health and safety information before they start work. This DVD enables those who employ or manage non-English speaking construction workers to communicate the key health and safety issues in the industry."

The DVD is available to buy from Construction Industry Publications priced 25 at or click here for further details and order form..