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Top Bucket Competition 2003

OPERC, CMPE and Finning (UK) Ltd Sponsor Top Bucket (10/09/2003)

Each year, the Royal School of Military Engineering at the UK Ministry of Defence hold a 'Top Bucket' competition to determine the finest and most able operator in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. In 2002, Capt Phil Taylor and WOII Paul Golding approached OPERC and the CMPE to sponsor this prize by providing much deserved food and refreshments together with a prize for the Top Bucket winner. However this year they were joined by Finning (UK) Ltd who provided four 'model' prizes which were awarded to the winner and runner up.

The objective of the competition is to expose the operators to a series of complex tasks and score the success of each operator on each task. The mark awarded from each task are then added together to determine the highest score and winner. Without a doubt, some of industry's finest operators have derived from a military background and so it was a real pleasure to see that the standards set were as high as ever.

Four winners were awarded prizes and each prize was presenterd by Mr Bob Merchant, Past National President of the Contractors Mechnical Plant Engineers (CMPE) on behalf of Finning (UK) Ltd. Our thanks are extending to Carl Domelow and Vectra Ganesh for organising a first class competition, providing a very warm welcome and maintaining the highest standards throughout the event; something we have come to expect from Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

We shall look forward to next year's event.