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OPERC Release New Plant Management Textbook

New Plant Management Textbook Released (20/11/2003)

Management of Off-highway Plant and Equipment by Edwards, D.J., Harris, F.C. and McCaffer, R. (2003), E&FN Spon, London, ISBN: 0-415-25128-1 (£30 pbk) and ISBN: 0-415-21527-3 (£90 hbk).

Technical improvements in off-highway plant and equipment have, throughout industry, caused a movement away from manual labour towards mechanisation. Although this has raised the potential productivity of workers, it has also necessitated relatively large capital investments in machinery and equipment which must be operated at an economic level of utilisation if an adequate rate of return on the capital employed is to be achieved. As a consequence, an increasing number of firms are now placing far more emphasis on the selection, performance monitor­ing, control and maintenance of their equipment fleets. At the same time independent equipment hire businesses and DIY small tools outlets have rapidly expanded to satisfy the short-term equipment needs of businesses.

During recent years, the authors have made a special study of the management of off-highway plant and equipment and the results of their investiga­tions have been incorporated into both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. This has naturally directed attention towards a textbook on the subject, as it is essential that students receive guidance on the management of off-highway plant and equipment at the onset of their careers, and this book has therefore evolved to meet the needs of professionals whose roles are expanding to embrace the increasingly important management of off-highway plant and equipment.

Specifically, this third edition covers the management of equipment both within an organisation and the inde­pendent hire or rental firm, and deals with policies, strategies and organisational structures from the small to the large concern. By necessity, emphasis is placed on the financial aspects of equipment acquisition and control, and modern capital investment decision-making techniques are given special consideration. Operational management is dealt with fully, including health and safety, maintenance management, operational planning, licensing and insurance and the problems faced in overseas work. The importance of operator training and development is emphasised. Finally, the book brings together the recent developments in computer technology and its applica­tion to improving equipment management.

This book will be beneficial to students and practitioners of civil engineering, construction, agricultural, mining, forestry and building. Specifically, it will find a market among practitioners, hire and rental firms, engineers, builders, specification writers, equipment manufacturers, project managers and insurance and legal advisers. It will also serve as a useful reference for equipment managers in the industry.

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