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New OPERC ARA Publication

New OPERC ARA Publication (12/12/2003)

Pressures of the modern working environment can impose additional stress and burden upon the plant operator to improve performance output and in meeting this requirement accidents have occurred. A common accident (or 'incident') involves machines hitting or running over pedestrians in, or near, the machine's working area. The simple answer to this problem may be to remove other operatives but this is not always possible when working in confined spaces or small project sites.

To assist operators and their employers reduce accidents or near misses (where the latter is often referred to as a dangerous occurrence) a range of technological aids are available which raise the operator's level of awareness. A combination of these devices can augment the operator's natural sensory perceptions (vision, hearing, smell and touch) to provide All Round Awareness (ARA). Common devices include: rear view cameras; convex mirrors; reversing alarms; and radar systems.

However, the legal requirements surrounding the use of these devices is complex and so a team of researchers within the OPERC association have been working upon a new practical guidance document on ARA. The document, which has been prepared by Dr . Mahmoud Hassanen, Dr. David J. Edwards and Mr Barry Robinson (President of OPERC), will provide practical information of ARA technologies, information on legal requirements and details on ARA suppliers.

The document will be available to members before the end of 2003 and will cost 30 (UK)/$45 (US) to OPERC members.