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CMPE Launch New Website

CMPE Launch New Website (20/12/2003)

The Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers CMPE) are one of the UK's premier associations for plant and equipment professionals and were established back in the 1950's. In 1983, they were possibly the first association to provide formal operator training and registration and continue to be a major force in the plant and equipment sector. It is often said that some of the best operators and managers are CMPE members.

It is therefore pleasing to see that the CMPE have recently produced a new website for members which promises to contain free information and guidance on issues facing industry, on-line help and support for members, an on-line news and events forum, access to the new OPERC safety test and much more. The site itself uses the intelligent management information system pioneered by OPERC and therefore, costly administration costs should be kept to a minimum thus allowing more valuable funds to be spent on member resources.

The site will be up-loaded later this year and can be found by clicking on