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New Research Work into Site Safety is Launched

Creative Site Safety Chemistry (27/03/2004)

Bovis Lend Lease have always been considered to be one of the more forward thinking 'international' construction contractors and therefore, it is no surprise to hear of their new strategy to promote site safety chemistry amongst the project workforce. Indeed, the strategy has already been implemented during construction works on Arndale Shopping complex in Manchester, UK which promises to be the largest inner city shopping centres in the UK. This is obviously a prestigious project and the safety of site workers and members of the public is clearly paramount.

A budding researcher, Loughborough University Student and trainee construction manager, Mr David Francis (under the guidance of Mr Peter Millett), has assisted in the implementation of the new strategy which appears to have been a great success so far. Future work will now focus on measuring the beneficial impact of this strategy in order to gauge its success in real terms. Without doubt, this work is first class as it acknowledges that a safe site requires a willingness of the workforce to contribute to the process, take ownership of it and as a result, be more proactive. It is anticipated that this work will set a standard for others to follow and OPERC members are encouraged to support David by forwarding their views on the subject of site safety and the causes of accidents. This work is for all our benefit

David can be contacted via email on [email protected]