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A practical guide to on how to use Safetynet

New Guidance Document on Safetynet Released (30/06/04)

OPERC (2003) A practical guide: how to use Safetynet, Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), in association with Volvo Construction Equipment, Loughborough University Press. ISBN 0 947974 25 3 PP 23. Price: £30 (UK); $40 (US). Distributed by IRAS Group [email protected]

Safetynet is an internet-based health and safety test system that can be used as either a stand alone candidate assessment tool or as an integrated training and assessment package, when used in conjunction with the modular education and training materials located in OPERC’s learning zone. The Safetynet system has been co-developed by Dr David J. Edwards and IRAS Group with guidance and support from international members of OPERC's steering committee group.

There are currently two types of test that may be taken through Safetynet. The first is a general health and safety test, posing a set of general health and safety questions that are applicable to both employees and employers working in any industry (not just the off-highway plant and equipment sector). The second is the operational health and safety test, which is aimed specifically at operators and professionals working with plant and equipment. This test poses both industry specific and plant specific questions, in addition to the general health and safety questions. The tests themselves will be discussed in more detail in the section: General and operational test structure.

Safetynet does not just provide the test facility. It also incorporates a powerful and versatile management information system that allows the user to access an auditable trail of information for each candidate entered onto the system. In addition, on-line report facilities identify any weaknesses in an operator’s knowledge as well as benchmark an individual’s performance against overall company performance.

Safetynet is unique because unlike many other test systems, you own your own ‘secure’ section of the system. This means that you manage the test system from your own premises and have total control over the management of the system and scheduling of tests to be undertaken. All information entered is held on a secure server, only accessible by OPERC members and administrators (who provide technical support for members). OPERC members must however, observe the test rules stipulated in Appendix A of this document.

If you have any queries regarding Safetynet, then please contact the Administrator;

Email: [email protected]