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Towerlight Dust-fighter 7500MB named Rental Product of the Year

Top construction machinery manufacturer, TowerLight, is celebrating winning first prize at the prestigious European Rental Awards held during May in Prague, where the innovative dust control unit the Dust-fighter 7500MB (developed by sister organisation DF Ecology), was named Rental Product of the Year.

The Dust-fighter 7500MB is a self-contained dust suppression unit which works by producing a fine mist of water through a series of high-pressure jets. The mist is propelled onto the site by a powerful fan, covering a wide area in just a few moments and rendering the area free from unhealthy and hazardous material. The Dust-fighter covers a larger area than traditional systems, such as hose pipe systems, uses significantly less water and also spreads the water more evenly, minimising the formation of muddy surfaces.

The Dust-fighter 7500MB is manufactured from high-quality materials and is designed for easy, simple and quick maintenance. It fits perfectly in the rental product range as it is entirely self-contained, which alleviates the need for a rental company to supply additional or ancillary equipment, so the machine arrives on site ready for instant operation. Furthermore the Dust-fighter 7500MB uses a super-silenced generator for power, and incorporates a 2000 litre stainless steel water tank sufficient for a complete day's use. It weighs 1850 kg and can be fitted onto a rugged road trailer certified for use in EC countries and elsewhere. With dust control on demolition and similar sites often only needed for short periods, short-tem rental will be an attractive proposition for contractors, whilst longer rental prospects are possible to sites that neither have the inclination or resources to carry out regular maintenance and servicing. The contractor will benefit from uninterrupted operation and the rental company will profit from a high-quality product designed for prolonged use, enforced by health and safety regulations. The wider environment gains from both reduced water usage and exhaust emissions, and the complete unit is fitted into a noise reduced, sound proofed, metal canopy.

The judges described the Dust-fighter 7500MB as a “fantastic niche product, and an environmentally important one,” whilst adding, “TowerLight is always looking for ways to develop the rental market with new and profitable rental products."

“With health and safety officials throughout Europe stringently enforcing the control of hazardous material on sites, the demand for the dust control units is set to grow rapidly over the coming months”, said Paul Hay, TowerLight’s international sales manager. “We believe that contractors will be looking to hire this type of equipment, so rental firms should be aware of the profits that can be made by including the Dust-fighter 7500MB into the rental fleets”.