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Bachy Soletanche ‘access all areas’ with restricted mini-piles

Every now and again the use of the restricted mini-piles technique truly comes into its own, as Bachy Soletanche realised at an industrial unit on Polar Park, Hounslow. The Anchor, Grout and Mini-pile (AGM) division was contracted by main contractor, Mace Plus, to conduct a four week project during March. Restricted mini-piling took place inside an already constructed industrial unit to facilitate the construction of a mezzanine floor.

Installing a mezzanine floor would convert the existing 4,800m2 high industrial unit into a more multifunctional space. However it required the expertise of Bachy Soletanche’s AGM team to install restricted access mini-piles and increase load capacity without damaging the existing concrete slab floor. As Contract Manager for Bachy Soletanche’s Anchor, Grouting and Mini-piling Division, Richard Piggin, reported:

“Constructing piles is usually a messy business, yet one of our main challenges on this project was to keep the existing finished surface, concrete slab in its current condition. With careful planning and protection of the floor at every pile location, we successfully operated two heavy drilling rigs and handed the floor back to MACE Plus damage free and practically spotless.”

Setting out and coring the existing floor was Bachy Soletanche’s first phase. The team then installed 116, 450mm diameter mini-piles, drilled up to a depth of 18.5m. Due to the height restrictions imposed by the industrial unit, Bachy Soletanche used two of its restricted access rigs to carry out the work. This also meant that the vibrations generated by the rigs would be minimal, thus maintaining the floor to its current condition.