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Worry-free operation on construction machines with GRAMMER AG

From Wackersdorf, Germany to the Whole World

Since 2008, the "Services & Parts" department has been based on the premises of the Wackersdorf Innovation Park. The move to this spacious facility has unleashed considerable growth potential and make it possible to address the whole range of customer needs much more efficiently. The magic word in the aftermarket and customer service business is “just in time”. This means providing parts or services as quickly as possible. The focus of the “Service & Parts” department is on products for mitigating “whole-body vibrations”.

A Complete Package for Combating Hazardous Vibrations

EU directive 2002/44/EC requires employers to know, measure and ― if necessary ― take actions to reduce the vibrations their workers are exposed to. If they can be shown to have neglected this duty, the affected individuals are entitled to compensation. Without the right technology, however, there is no feasible way to implement these good intentions. GRAMMER has therefore developed a vibration dosimeter called Movito D based on the technology previously offered under the name of VibroControl. Its design and user interface have been updated for improved ease of use, and the software for capturing the data has been optimized. The device is attached to the driver seat, where it continuously measures the vibration load and uses visual and audible signals to immediately alert the operator if the permissible limits are exceeded. When the levels captured by the Movito D are in the red range, this indicates a need for action. GRAMMER offers this optional service under the name of Movito S. On request, trained GRAMMER specialists travel to the customer’s operation and make additional, standardized measurements. Based on what is learned, advice is then given to the customer on how to reduce hazardous vibrations.

The Protecto Cover ― Effective Protection for Heavily Used Seats

In the course of everyday work, it can happen that an operator climbs aboard with dirty hands or clothing. To prevent this from damaging or depreciating the value of high-quality driver seats, GRAMMER has developed the washable Protecto cover for offroad seats. It adapts optimally to the seat’s shape and is suitable for widths up to 530 millimeters. In the category of forklifts and construction machinery, this cover is available for the corresponding models of the Actimo, Maximo and Primo series.

Save Time and Money and Reduce Frustration with the Praticco Toolset

Even the best seat can only perform fully as intended ― for example, in compliance with the EU directive on whole-body vibrations ― if it is properly maintained and repaired when required. GRAMMER experts have therefore developed the Praticco toolset, which also lets you reach hard-to-access parts of the seat. The toolset is available for offroad, truck and bus driver seats.

TrainingPro ― Expert Knowledge Made Easy

At bauma 2010 GRAMMER will present TrainingPro, an innovative new video-based system to supplement the printed operator and repair manuals for GRAMMER seats. This soundless CD shows, in an easy to understand manner, how to install, assemble and maintain seats, also covering complicated procedures. It enables any workshop to install or service a seat to ensure that it works properly.

Taking Know-How to Customers

To round out these new services, GRAMMER also offers repair courses that can be held either on-site at customer facilities or in Wackersdorf in Germany. Courses on ergonomics are also planned; they will show participants the many possibilities for adjusting GRAMMER seats, among other things.