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Grammer present new high-tech seat at Bauma 2010

Offroad vehicles have long since developed into high-tech machines unifying the latest research from drive-train and motor engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and ergonomics. As market leader in Seating Systems, GRAMMER AG offers high-tech solutions for optimum suspension and sitting comfort under extreme working conditions.

The right seat for extreme situations

Uneven terrain, sand, rock, scree or gravel – anyone who drives a vehicle for mining and forestry applications must be skillful and have total mastery of the machine with full concentration on the job at hand. In these situations, the seat can be exposed to extreme accelerations, and the machines themselves run for very long periods, shift after shift – taking an enormous toll on vehicle and operator.

The more these burdens can be minimized, the better the driver is able to withstand these demanding conditions. The seat can play a significant role in this: Strained neck and back muscles not only reduce concentration, but also cause substantial health problems over the long term. With the high-comfort seat MSG 97 AL / 742, which GRAMMER AG will present at bauma 2010, drivers of large mining and forestry machines have now found the right partner. The seat offers a suitable answer to the higher demands for extreme applications – it is very user-friendly and features an optimum ergonomic design.

Intelligent and innovative: low-frequency suspension for extreme use

The wide scissors-type suspension is designed to handle the extreme stresses facing driver and machine. It also provides support for heavy multifunctional armrests and control carrier consoles, so that the high-comfort seat is able to bear loads of up to 30 kilograms per side. The MSG 97 AL / 742 makes operators more relaxed, safer and provides considerably more back support than conventional seats. This is thanks to the innovative pneumatic suspension, which is specially designed to accommodate and sustainably improve the vibrational profile of offroad machines operating under extreme conditions. This low-frequency pneumatic suspension largely absorbs vertical vibrations. It minimizes jolts and allows relaxed driving even at higher speeds.

Optimum back support

The MSG 97 AL / 742 also offers a number of other features that reflect the time-tested GRAMMER principle of “design for use”: An automatic positioning system allows easy seat adjustment, the fore/aft adjustment has a range of 210 millimeters. The extra long and well shaped backrest can be tilted up to 80 degrees. Thanks to large side contours, it provides optimum rear and lateral support. A pneumatic lumbar support not only ensures ideal positioning at the push of a button, but also prevents spinal injuries. The height and angle adjustable headrest can also be individually adjusted, and seating height can be varied to suit specific needs. The high-comfort seat also comes optional with a lap belt and seat heating.