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Secure future for innovative JCB hitch

JCB Attachments has developed an innovative double locking quickhitch that features independent locking of the front and rear pins. Designed for use with tracked excavators including the JS130 through to the JS460 and the wheeled JS130W to the JS200W, the hitch is compatible with both genuine JCB buckets and JCB scoop buckets, along with the full range of JCB powered attachments.

Innovative Design
The Dualock uses the well proven blocking bar system from the BUG coupler to secure the rear pin lock. In addition, a novel mechanical front lock secures the front pin independently of the rear.

The face of the front locking mechanism is painted red and can easily be seen from the cab, ensuring the operator can be confident that the bucket is securely fastened before operating the machine.

Simple Operation, Safe and Secure
To open the hitch, the operator completely crowds the hitch towards the machine. The hitch button in the cab is pressed and the operator has to acknowledge the warning buzzer in the machine’s Advanced Monitoring System (AMS) screen on the dash console.

The operator then rotates the hitch to locate onto the front and rear pins of the bucket.

The bucket is fully crowded and the operator again presses the hitch lock button in the cab. A ‘Check Q/H’ message is displayed on the AMS screen. Then, by operating the bucket crowd service, the locking jaw is activated, and the bucket or attachment is locked in position. The operator makes a visual check of the front lock, tests that the bucket is secure, and then presses the acknowledge button once more to cancel the buzzer, before proceeding.

Proven Quality JCB Attachments has put the quickhitch through extensive testing and field trials, with a full range of JCB buckets and attachments. The Dualock (and the previous BUG coupler) are the only hydraulically operated excavator quickhitches that have been approved by JCB to be fully compatible with JCB machines and are the only hitches covered by the machine’s Certificate of Conformity to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The Dualock hitch uses the same control circuit as the BUG coupler, so is fully interchangeable without modifying the machine. Operators familiar with the BUG are able to operate the Dualock without further training.

“Safety is paramount to JCB,” says Paul Hartshorn, Director and General Manager of JCB Attachments.

“Customers must be totally confident in the JCB equipment that they are operating. By incorporating this innovative double independent locking mechanism, we have produced a hitch with additional safety features which provides levels of security well in excess of those required by current standards.”