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Lowmac Alloys takes UK’s first “next generation” Doppstadt shredder

Following extensive comparisons and a highly successful trial demonstration, Lowmac Alloys Limited of Irvine has invested in the UK’s first “next generation” Doppstadt DW-3060K Bio Power shredder, sourced from distributors Blue Scotland. This single shaft, slow-speed, multi-purpose shredder is now operating at full capacity for Lowmac, processing wood and green waste, plastics and general commercial & industrial waste.

Lowmac Alloys was founded in 1974, starting life trading in secondary metals. In 1981, the company moved into waste management with the introduction of skip and roll-on-off hire for household, commercial and industrial waste collection. In 1994, Lowmac opened a new purpose-built waste treatment site in Irvine from where the company now provides comprehensive environmental and recycling services. These include ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling, green waste processing, wood and general waste recycling, reclamation of secondary aggregates and soils and the production of biofuel.

Lowmac also produces and supplies a wide range of building, civil engineering and landscaping recycled products, from haul-road materials to landfill cover, screened soils and sand, mulch and composting material. Other services provided by Lowmac Alloys include crane, excavator and loading shovel hire, demolition, haulage and environmental consultancy. Lowmac Alloys has been a Blue Scotland customer for over twelve years and, with this latest addition to their modern recycling plant holding, continues with this long-standing association.

The highly mobile, crawler-mounted Doppstadt DW-3060K Bio Power heavy-duty shredder is the largest and latest machine in the Doppstadt “Buffalo” range. Capable of handling large bulk timber and woodwaste, mixed construction waste and industrial refuse, the single shaft DW-3060K shredder has numerous beneficial features. These include optimum tooth arrangement on the roller, reversible fan wheel, modified hopper shape for easy loading, electrically controlled roller reversing and a large return conveyor. Additionally, the DW-3060K is equipped with an overband magnet at the front end, which safely removes tramp metals from the incoming raw waste. The DW-3060K Bio is equipped with a 430HP Mercedes-Benz diesel engine which has power to spare for heavy duty applications and processing multiple raw waste material types, producing recyclables to exacting specifications and enabling significant volume reductions – all with a reliability, productivity and fuel economy which belie its size and potential 82 tonnes per hour throughput. An additional benefit is the shredder’s mobility, which allows Lowmac to easy and quickly relocate the machine to the waste material for treatment throughout the site, rather than the costly and time-consuming process of taking the material to a static machine.

For Lowmac’s recycling operations at Irvine, the Doppstadt DW-3060K Bio has multiple roles. Woodwaste is shredded to specification in a single pass and, when set up with all the comb extensions, this machine produces a quality -200mm end-product. With a minimal screening of oversize, the shredded woodwaste is ready for direct supply to the fast-growing biofuel market. All the green waste received at Lowmac is shredded with the new DW-3060K Bio, which is proving to have a much better performance than the high-speed shredder it replaces and which was previously used on this application – with a considerably longer wearpart life, extended maintenance intervals and an impressive reduction in comparative running costs approaching 60%! Plastics are also shredded by the Doppstadt machine prior to baling; Lowmac reports that, by using their new shredder on this process, bale density has increased by up to 50%. All the general waste is processed through the DW-3060 Bio on site after it has been through the recycling plant and picking station. The shredding and screening out of fines from the waste material has resulted in a 25% weight reduction, an increase in reclaimed recyclables and a gratifying minimisation of tip-to-landfill material with all the environmental benefits, transport and levy savings that this brings.

Commenting on his company’s new acquisition, Managing Director Kenny Smith said “This is proving to be a very versatile machine for us as it is capable of efficiently and cost-effectively processing virtually all our incoming raw waste materials. Lowmac has always strived to keep ahead of the game” he continues” and our new Doppstadt, being the first in the UK, is certainly helping us to do that. As always, we have been extremely well served by Blue Scotland whose valuable advice and excellent demonstration led us to a most satisfactory purchasing decision”