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Applying evironmental science to wheel washing

DF Ecology is a newly formed division of the Italian construction equipment manufacturer, TowerLight s.r.l. Based near Milan, TowerLight are a leading producer and worldwide distributor of commercial lighting sets. They also construct a line of advanced contractorsí water pumps operated by many of the top European construction rental organisations. DF Ecology concentrates on the design and development of innovative construction site machinery that incorporates a range of environmental features that brings together benefits for both the operator and the wider environment.

The latest product to descend from the DF Ecology production line is an advanced, entirely self-contained, automatic wheel washer system designed for permanent, temporary or short-term installation.

Entitled the DF Ecology WW220, this carefully put together washing system is fitted with a dual photo sensor that automatically starts the washing process as the vehicle approaches, thus completely dispensing with the need for the driver to leave the cab. With a powerful 2.5kg/cm2 water spray pressure, the site manager can be reassured that both the front and rear wheels are simultaneously and thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that the surrounding environment is free from unhealthy dust and debris. DF Ecology has equipped the WW220 with an ingenious conveyor system for safe sludge discharge and an automatic pump screen self-cleaning system.

The 6,000 litre water system can contend with over five hundred washes per day and an operator can monitor the number of washes used each day, via an electronic digital counter. The complete unit weighs 4500kg and measures 5748 x 2200 x 2076mm with power provided from a 380/460v three-phase supply at 50 Hz for European operation. The WW220 is fitted with an emergency stop button as standard and a heater is available as an option, enabling the system to remain operational even during cold periods.

Installation and removal of the WW220 has been made simple through its four lifting lugs.

For temporary installation or short-tem use, DF Ecology has developed the WW220 Ramp. This sister product is lighter (3500kg), more compact (4390 x 2200 x 1895mm) and will easily handle over two hundred vehicles per day. The WW220 Ramp is fitted with a pump screen self-cleaning system, entry and exit ramps and starts-up automatically through the photo sensor process. The WW2200 Ramp is ideally suited as a rental product on both long and short-term rental periods.

All DF Ecology products are researched designed and developed in-house, including all aspects of production and marketing. DF Ecology has achieved ISO 9001:2000 and VISION 2000.