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Hilti's new muscleman with tremendous punch

The new TE 1500-AVR breaker from Hilti delivers outstanding hammering power with exceptional reliability. The TE 1500 is suitable for a number of applications, including exposing reinforcement in foundations and breaking out openings for stairs, risers and shafts. The product is specially designed for heavy demolition work at or near floor level with maximum mobility. The TE 1500 is also ideal for creating large channels in floors e.g. for waste water pipes, as well as breaking up asphalt in surface renewal work.

The brushless high-performance SR motor takes even the biggest jobs in its stride. The electronically controlled SR motor has no rotor windings, no commutator and no carbon brushes. Its advantages are obvious: no need to replace brushes, longer service intervals and much longer lifetime, thanks to brushless SR motor and triple-chamber lubrication system. It also provides constantly high performance even if the supply voltage drops, e.g. when a long extension cord is used.

There are a number of advantages offered by the TE 1500. The powerful electro pneumatic hammering mechanism, SR motor and polygon chisels provide high breaking performance. The product provides a well-positioned centre of gravity and an optimum grip design for good balance and comfortable handling, which allows extended periods of use.

The TE 1500 can be used in conjunction with the new TE DRS-B system that removes up to 95% of hazardous fine dust, which ensures virtually dustless chiselling is possible. The new induction-hardened Hilti polygon chisels featuring rounded connection ends provide an even longer lifetime. These self-sharpening chisels achieve top performance and greatly reduce sticking.

This extremely powerful tool sets the benchmark in the 15 kg class and features an advanced AVR active vibration reduction sub-chassis system that keeps vibration to an absolute minimum. Internal parts, including the hammering mechanism and motor are completely isolated from the outer casing and grips by a system of AVR springs and pivots. This results in best-in-class vibration values and thus top productivity.