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Speedy delivers all-in-one biometric site access control solution

Speedy has signed a partnership deal with leading biometric and identity management consultancy Human Recognition Systems (HRS) to offer MSite - an all-in-one biometric site access security solution.

MSite delivers a comprehensive and easy-to-use management and reporting system, as well as clear site security and health and safety benefits.

Housed in a robust, vandal-resistant steel cabin, the HRS MSite solution features full-height turnstiles connected to a biometric reader that uses either hand geometry or iris-scanning technology to verify the identity of those entering or leaving the site.

The software holds details of individuals’ Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), providing auditing capabilities and ensuring that only those with the right accreditation are allowed on site, according to rules set by site managers.

MSite – in use by many major contractors including Carillion, BAM, Balfour Beatty and Wates -also includes a comprehensive reporting system that provides accurate management information including real-time muster reports, site safety records, time and attendance reports and accurate financial reporting against hours worked.

Darren Evley, managing director of accommodation at Speedy said: “The advantages of MSite were clear to us. Safety and security are both major concerns for the construction industry and they can lead to high operating costs due to the manpower and administration required to enforce CSCS accreditation on site.

“This innovative solution – capable of linking multiple site entry points using 3G technology - provides comprehensive site management that is both robust and highly efficient, improving reliability and reducing running costs.”

Nick Wilkinson, business unit manager at Human Recognition Systems said: “The MSite solution provides significant value above and beyond the standard biometric access control solutions on the market. HRS has worked with major contractors to take MSite from concept, through to design, build and roll out.

“The application has been built specifically for the construction industry and aligned to their specific requirements in order to solve very real problems, whilst reducing the time spent on labour intensive reporting.

“The value of the system can be realised from site through to corporate level, with options to integrate a centralised reporting system for health and safety and workforce management.”

To find out more about MSite rentals, please contact Speedy on 0845 850 0210, or email [email protected]. For further information on MSite, go to