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Mobile Technology

OPERC-Safetynet and the Use of Mobile Technology: A First for the UK! (06/04/05)

Great news! Working in partnership with Mr Chris Jones at Training Express, OPERC have successfully tested the use of mobile technology as a viable 'cost effective' means with which to increase access to the OPERC-Safetynet test.

Using a 3G-card (to act as a 'mobile' modem) plugged into a laptop, instructors can now deliver the test absolutely anywhere on the planet! The 3G-card costs a mere 150 to purchase and 36MB costs only 14.95. Each test uses approximately 2MB and so the running cost per test is around 84p (not including capital costs). This technology was originally tested some two years ago but at that time the cost of using such was too high. With the rapid pace of technological development, mobile technology (hardware and software) is now affordable and will revolutionise health and safety testing internationally not just within the UK. So to sum, OPERC members can now train and test operators on site no matter how remote the location may be - no operator downtime, easily accessible to all, open access, easy to use, huge financial savings for both instructor and employer and a high quality test too!

There are a range of costs structures from which to choose, available from various retailers, but again thanks to Chris, OPERC are currently negotiating a competitive 'preferential' rate for our members.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the achievement of this new technological leap (a first for the UK!) and of course, to Chris and everyone at Training Express.