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New Blue waste recycling plant for Willshee’s

As part of their 2009 expansion plans and in view of an increase in their requirements for recycling and reclamation, Willshee's Skip Hire Ltd recently acquired a bespoke recycling system from Blue Central. Based in Staffordshire, Willshee's serves domestic and commercial markets and, since 2006, have accepted delivery of baled and loose co-mingled material.

“We contacted Blue Central for a solution to our recycling requirements and one of our main concerns was that whatever system we chose coincided with our existing operations,” said Director Dean Willshee. “After inspecting our site and material, Blue took us to see companies processing similar materials to our own. Their build quality was highly evident”.

The heart of their new system is a 12m long, 1.5m wide General Kinematics Finger Screen which employs a patented, non-binding, finger screen design that reduces blinding and blockages that can occur in difficult applications, where conventional perforated or wire mesh screens are unsuitable. Full-flow cascading decks and rugged tapered fingers produce an ideal action for the efficient and trouble-free sorting and classification of materials as diverse as mixed C&D waste and even commingled MSW. The high stroke, low frequency vibratory motion ensures material is evenly spread and gives maximum screening efficiency. Staggered fingers and a cascading material flow prevent material bypass, which eliminates the need for secondary screening.

Willshee’s GK Finger Screen features 20mm apertures to remove fines and handles conventional waste streams and more stubborn material, such as light co-mingled waste. Material passes over two steps, turning it and maximising fines removal. The <20mm material moves to a fines bunker, with oversize collected by a Kiverco Conveyor and transported into the picking station.

The six-bay, double-sided Kiverco Picking Station is fully enclosed with heating and lighting, is 6m in length and equipped with1.3m wide chutes, allowing bulkier items to be picked easily and dropped into the bays below. The system enables Willshee's to remove fines, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, metal and hardcore from their waste stream with maximum efficiency.

“We are delighted with our recycling plant and already notice the major financial benefit of diverting waste from landfill. Our recycling rate is now up to as much as 95%,” said Dean Willshee, “and we were very impressed with Blue’s professionalism throughout”.