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JCB enters construction site security market

JCB has entered the construction site security market with the introduction of a Mobile CCTV Tower. Built in partnership with CCTV market leader Camwatch, the fully integrated rapid-deployment Mobile CCTV Tower uses heat and movement sensors to detect intruders. Video footage is transmitted live via 3G wireless network to the Camwatch central control room.

With a transport weight of just 290kg, the CCTV Tower offers a 7m working height, providing a 100m radius of coverage during the day and up to 60m at night without the need for additional illumination. The unit runs on a 110V power supply from mains electricity or on-site generators.

Chris Wright, Director of JCB Consumer Products, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Camwatch who are Europe’s number one CCTV monitoring company and are very well respected in the security industry.

“It is well known that theft from construction sites increases during economic climates of the sort we’re currently experiencing. Traditional fixed CCTV technology is not effective at protecting areas where the footprint is constantly evolving, such as construction sites and quarries.

“The JCB Mobile CCTV Tower is perfect for these areas and is a highly effective and proven method of protecting sites and equipment.” Conforming to all British Standards, the JCB Mobile CCTV Tower has been extensively tested on several UK construction sites, with great success. Available initially through JCB in co-operation with Camwatch, and through rental organisations like Speedy Hire, the tower is available for around half the cost of traditional man-guarding, which costs the construction industry around Ł1 billion a year.

“Since employing Camwatch there have been no thefts of any kind on any of the sites that are monitored,” says Damien Strangeway, of J Murphy & Sons.

“The rapid deployment capabilities of Camwatch are ideal for us,” says Terri Foster of Balfour Beatty.

“Camwatch has proven themselves in their field, providing increased security and significant cost savings into the bargain.”

Camwatch has a proven track record of deterring theft from site, using CCTV, live voice challenges and assured police response. However the benefits to contractors are not simply in daily cost savings. A number of insurance companies recognise the benefits of the JCB Site Security system and JCB Insurance are working with them to secure premium reductions for customers using it to help protect their sites.

“We are excited about the new JCB Mobile CCTV Tower and the opportunity to offer customers reduced security costs, lower insurance premiums and a superior level of security protection,” says Phil Bunting, Managing Director of Camwatch.

"Their solution is very innovative and can provide potential cost savings of 50 per cent compared to traditional guarding,” says Ben Rowe of utility contractor McNicholas.