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New Vibration Test Centre

New OPERC Vibration Test Centre Launched (25/07/05)

Following the release of the EU's new Physical Agents Directive, OPERC have launched a new vibration test centre at Loughborough University which aims to provide free independent information on equipment vibration levels to all, throughout industry, not just OPERC members. This is as a result of increasing requests from industry practitioners for good reliable data on operator exposure (to ISO5349) not machine vibration per se. Moreover, a very small number of manufacturers have confused the important issues by releasing inappropriate information or information arising from various standards. OPERC Executive stress that these are the minority and are not representative of the good work that most plant and equipment manufacturers undertake.

The centre will be initially funded by membership subscriptions and it is envisaged that several tens of thousands of pounds will be needed. However, it is hoped that manufacturers will support this initiative to improve the health, safety and welfare of industry workers.

The centre's database will be launched early 2006 and will be supported by Speedy Hire and various reputable manufacturers during the first six months.

Nota Bene: OPERC Executive do stress that vibration test levels for plant and machinery are NOT the sole criteria upon which you should base purchasing decisions as reliability, durability, service quality, cost, after market care and other support services must be taken into account.