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Hilti offer free services to reduce downtime

Hilti have developed a range of free-of-charge services that include laser and Lithium-ion battery checking, tool maintenance and a full tool inspection at the point of repair. The service programme aims to offer the best possible advice and minimise tool downtime, eliminating unnecessary costs and maximising productivity for customers. These services are totally free-of-charge for Hilti customers and are available at Hilti Centres, located nationwide.

Full tool inspections are now offered at the Hilti Centres as part of this service programme. If the fault can be diagnosed and fixed within the Hilti Centre, this will be done rather than sending the tool away to be repaired. Laser checking is also available, where the Hilti staff are able to verify whether a tool is within calibration, again preventing it from being sent away unnecessarily. These services save time for customers as downtime is eliminated when a tool would normally be sent away for repair.

Hilti are committed to minimising the environmental impact from their business and continually strive to develop products for customers that provide them with optimal performance. Lithium-ion batteries are extremely innovative; with their longer life cells they withstand a higher number of charge cycles, so battery life is significantly longer. The Lithium-ion battery checking service is available as part of this range of free-of-charge services. By using the new ‘diagnostic centres’, a quick check on the condition of the battery can be completed, which determines if it is reusable or if its lifespan has ended. If the diagnostic centre indicates that the battery is dead, Hilti will replace it with a new battery under Fleet Management, free-of-charge. If the tool is not under Fleet Management but it is under Hilti Lifetime Service, all faulty Lithium-ion batteries are replaced free-of-charge for the first two years. The main benefit of the diagnostic centre for a customer is that it reduces downtime as the problem (i.e. battery problem or broken tool) can be diagnosed within a few minutes, rather than the tool being sent away for repair.

As part of the programme, trade-ins are also offered to customers, where they can trade-in their old Hilti tools and receive a new replacement Hilti tool, offering significant efficiency and cost savings. Hilti are committed to recovering and recycling their power tools, including batteries at the end of their long and productive life. Through these tool trade-ins, Hilti are able to divert old tools from potential disposal to landfill by ensuring their recovery and recycling through their own recycling partners, which they complete for customers free-of-charge.