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Tool Hire industry support HAV Solution

The HAVmeter has gained recognition across industry for its ability to control exposure to hand arm vibration. The personal vibration dosimeter has warranted the attention of many of the UK’s largest construction companies along with district councils and smaller independent organisations.

Likened to radiation dosimeters, the HAVmeter is a user-specific device that connects to power tools to give the employee ‘live’ vibration exposure points. This allows the individual to manage their own exposure accurately each and every day.

The tool hire industry is reacting to high demand for the system. Speedy Hire and Aplant are both ‘strategic partners’, helping to deliver this state-of-the-art, industry-specific HAV solution. As a prime example, Speedy Hire’s understanding of its customers’ requirements has led them to integrate HAVMeter to ensure it maintains its position as the ‘preferred’ company in the tool hire sector. Plainly and simply, this is a value-add for its customers.

Indeed, companies can request hire tools to be delivered with the TOOLTAG attachment to function with the HAVmeter system, which represents not only awareness, but positive action from the industry.

Other high-profile users include Tarmac and the Severfield Rowen Group who both first implemented the system in 2007 and who collectively have well over 1000 tool users on the system. The vibration exposure records and detailed employee tool usage are uploaded to the software where detailed analytical data on exposure and tool use trends can be reviewed. This valuable information facilitates operational planning and resource management, ensuring that tasks involving power tools have a sufficient number of employees to get the job done while, safeguarding their exposure to HAVs. Looking to the future, the organisations which are using the HAVmeter comprehensively understand their employee’s exposure, therefore they can support an accurate and easy to implement, reduction policy.

The HAVmeter system provides a platform on which the industry can agree a consistent and clear way forward in tackling HAVs. The tool hire industry is working with the European Power Tool Association to provide standardised tool vibration data for all hired tools, but this is not an isolated UK problem. HAVs becoming a growing concern for the global industry and the tool manufacturers are driven to reduce vibration output of tools, as well as ensuring accurate tri-axial tool vibration values are passed on to the end users.

Leading international tool manufacturers including Makita and Bosch have incorporated all of their tool vibration data into the HAVmeter Toolmanager software, allowing for a simple selection of tools based on their performance as well as operative usage time.

Many companies who have taken on the HAVmeter have highlighted tools with unnecessarily high vibration output almost immediately and adapted their procurement policy and/or working procedures to ensure their workforce are not at risk from such tools. The HAVmeter has tool condition monitoring capabilities which are at present undergoing rigorous tests before being released later this year.

This will allow the efficiency and vibration output of a tool to be assessed during its lifetime, allowing for tool maintenance or replacement schedules to be setup.