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First ever Volvo for London based contracting company Cappagh

A brand new Volvo L180F loading shovel has been delivered to Cappagh and was ordered for a specific contract, feeding a large concrete batching plant in the south west of London.

The new 26 tonne loading shovel complete with a 4.6m³ straight lipped rehandling bucket is the first ever Volvo to join Cappagh’s fleet of shovels and excavators and was ordered to satisfy the demands of their own customer operating a concrete batching plant in south west London. The L180F has been put in charge mixing and blending materials for the plant to produce concrete for a major on going contract, as well as rehandling used concrete and other related materials for recycling.

The L180F is powered by a Tier III 12 litre Volvo engine developing 3318 hp at just 1400rpm. The Tier III/Stage 3 low emission engine delivers high torque at just above tick over, giving the machine excellent rimpull and low fuel consumption as well as a significant reduction in noise levels over the previous E series machine. Much effort has been expended to increase mid-range torque; giving better operability in the most economic engine speed range. One practical consequence of this increase in horsepower is better pile penetration and fuller buckets.

For improved operator comfort, oil-filled clutches and a Pulse-Width Modulation Valve in the transmission allow smoother shifting and minimize jolting when changing between gears. The transmission is also significantly quieter than its predecessor, and maximum speed has also been increased. The fact that all major components of the driveline (engine, transmission, axles) are designed and built by Volvo means that they work in harmony, in terms of performance, reliability and also fuel efficiency.

Operator comfort was a deciding factor in the purchasing decision for this specific contract. The cab on the F series loader affords a high level of visibility and Volvo’s unique and patented two stage air cleaning system re-circulates up to 90% of the cab’s air and providing a comfortable climate for the operator. The machine has also benefitted from the addition of a Volvo Twin, automatic greasing system and an Ogden reversing aid.

Cappagh is a family owned South-West London based contracting company that has been committed to serving the construction industry for almost 40 years. The company has expanded its civil engineering contracts portfolio to encompass a significant investment in the set up of its own aggregate recycling centres, strategically placed around the Capital. The company has over 300 directly employed fully trained, dedicated and competent staff providing a depth of knowledge and experience that has culminated in an unrivalled track record of successful service delivery in utility operations, civil engineering schemes, land remediation projects and aggregate recycling.