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JCB knucles down to develop the ‘ultimate’ backhoe loader

JCB – the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer – is launching a machine for the European markets which is even more versatile and productive.

Building on the successful JCB 4CX Super platform, the 4CN model incorporates a ‘knuckle’ boom to bring enhanced efficiency and operational flexibility to one of the highest specification JCB backhoe loaders available.

Through the use of the knuckle boom, a further 30° boom articulation on either side increases the total working area of the machine from 180° to 240° - allowing the operator to dig towards the front of the machine and reducing the need to re-position the 4CN. The knuckle boom also provides further versatility by allowing the operator to dig alongside the machine when trenching and around objects such as telegraph poles and trees. As a further modification, the model features outrigger stabilisers for increased stability when working on uneven ground or slopes.

The 4CN is aimed at utility and highway maintenance companies along with forestry, building and agricultural contractors in key European markets such as Spain, France, Russia and the UK.

David Bell, Managing Director of JCB Sales, said: “Until now, the JCB 4CN was only offered in Scandinavia - to meet the specialist demands of the forestry industry - where the ability to excavate around trees and stumps has long been recognised as a major productivity benefit.

“The economic downturn in Europe has focused contractors’ minds on finding new ways to improve the efficiency of their operations. This has prompted an increased demand from our customers for plant which can improve productivity on day-to-day applications. As such we have recognised the opportunity to promote the benefits of the high specification JCB 4CN – which can reduce project completion times on a potentially wide range of jobs – to a wider market."

Meeting the needs of customers for a backhoe loader which can dig in areas neither competitive nor conventional models can reach, the operational versatility of the JCB 4CN can help reduce project times by covering a greater digging area from a single position.

In addition to this added dimension, it features all the hallmark of JCB’s industry leading backhoe loader range – innovation, build quality, operator comfort and maximum performance. A 74.2kW (100hp) Turbo JCB Dieselmax engine gives a travel speed of 40kph and bucket tearout force of 6929 kgf with a maximum dig depth of 4.85 metres. The model can be fitted with JCB’s renowned backhoe loader features such as the Smooth Ride System, EasyControls, Advanced EasyControl and Autoshift transmission while air conditioning is an option in the fully glazed, heated cab.

As a further cost saving innovation, the 4CN is also available with JCB’s TorqueLock system. The lock up torque converter system engages in top gears and ensures the machine maintains top speed for longer. This is particularly advantageous when travelling up hill.

At full engine rpm it can reduce travelling time between job sites by 10% and improve fuel consumption by up to 13%. Alternatively, if the operator decreases rpm with the TorqueLock engaged – it still achieves comparable travel speeds with a machine not fitted with the system – with up to 25% savings in fuel consumption.