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Speedy helps reduce generator emissions and cut fuel costs

Speedy, the UK’s largest equipment and support services provider, has launched an exclusive new product to help cut generator carbon emissions and fuel costs.

Designed in-house at Speedy, the ‘Emission Buster’ reduces emissions by automatically switching to its in-built battery power when a low load is recognised.

The product also limits other problems associated with prolonged periods of low load running generators, including high fuel costs, noise pollution and the number of annual services required.

Anna Currie, commercial director, at Speedy said: “Carbon reduction remains top of the agenda for UK industry and with the construction sector accounting for 15-20 percent of the UK’s total carbon footprint, it’s vital we all play our part.

“Customers are increasingly looking to their supply chain to help reduce their environmental impact.

“This innovative product will allow our customers to significantly lessen carbon emissions while also minimising costs.

“The bigger the unit size, the greater the benefits - but on average, our research has found a 22 percent* carbon footprint reduction.”

The Emissions Buster is a stand-alone unit ideal for use on any size diesel generator with a low load profile during a typical 24 hour period.

*based on the Emission Buster supplying the load continually for 12 hours at night.