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Speedy partners Camwatch to provide site security solution

Speedy – the UK’s largest equipment and support services provider - has partnered with Europe’s largest CCTV monitoring company Camwatch to supply its new CCTV surveillance system.

The partnership means Speedy is the only hire company in the UK to offer the CamwatchTOWER, which offers customers round-the-clock security without the need for manned sites.

The portable CCTV system, ideal for use on construction sites, rail projects or at road-works, is attached to an 18 ft tower hosting an uninterruptible power supply and continuous digital video recorder.

The tower is linked to Camwatch’s control centre in Sheffield. When sensors on the tower detect movement in the area, staff are alerted at the control centre who can notify the police or make an announcement using an in-built public address system.

Camwatch is accredited to BS8418 – the British standard required by the Association of Police Officers (ACPO), which since December 2008 has been required to guarantee emergency police response.

Paul Mills, business development manager, from Speedy said: “Equipment theft is estimated to cost the UK over £1 billion every year and site security continues to make headlines. Only last month the Association of Chief Police Officers met with the construction industry to discuss a new initiative for reducing equipment theft. We are excited about this innovative product as we can now offer a system to our customers which will significantly increase site security.”