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HQCs dam fine digger work in Glendoe

Despite the economic downturn, Highland Quality Construction Ltd, better known in Scotland as HQC, is busy working on a number of civil engineering, quarrying and construction projects, one of which is the Glendoe Hydro Project at Fort Augustus, overlooking Loch Ness.

Planning for the Glendoe project began back in 2001 but formal construction work started in January 2006. Among the line up of machines at the site is a Komatsu PC160LGP-7 tracked excavator, purchased by HQC from Area Sales Manager for Marubeni-Komatsu, Stuart Drummond.

Low Ground Pressure

The Komatsu PC160LGP-7 has been especially fitted with extra wide tracks to cope with the extremely soft ground conditions encountered on the site. The tracks measuring 1400mm, are double the width of standard fitted tracks, allowing the machine to move around safely by covering more ground and stabilising the weight of the machine.


HQC utilised this machine to work in areas that were not even accessible by foot. This specially adapted item of plant was key to initial construction work on site as it allowed the vast network of roads to be built, totaling some 45 km in length. It also provided access to numerous on-site borrow pits where a total of 2,000,000 tonnes of rock was extracted.

Dealing with peat up to 8m in depth was never a problem for the Komatsu PC160LGP-7. On completion of working areas the Komatsu was used for restoration purposes as it effectively replaces the peat as well as removing it.

The PC160LGP-7 is among an ever growing range of plant at HQC, of which a large percentage was needed on the Glendoe project.