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HAVTEC Badge Scheme

OPERC Launch the HAVTEC Badge Scheme (30/03/06)

Following the requests of several large contractors within the UK construction industry, OPERC has launched the HAVTEC badge scheme which aims to alert on-site operators to the dangers of hand-arm vibration. The badge will only be used by those manufacturers of hand held power tools that have been independently tested and have data loaded onto the HAVTEC register. To complement this latest resource, HAVTEC will also now provide free information to all on the problem of hand-arm vibration. Resources will be available shortly as a downloadable PDF and will include the professional guide to HAVs, a new training module on HAV awareness for operators and a new training module on HAV management for managers. These in addition to the new DVD on hand-arm vibration which has been sponsored by the Major Contractor Group and Speedy Hire; as a result of this sponsorship, this DVD will be freely available to members and will only cost 15 to non-members.