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Volvo pavers make inroads at Barr Surfacing & Civil Engineering

Barr Surfacing & Civil Engineering, part of Barr Industrial and the Barr Group has opted for two Volvo ABG6870 wheeled pavers for the first time as part of a fleet replacement programme.

Normally associated with an alternative make of road pavers, the decision to opt for the ABG6870 from Volvo for the first time was made following a successful demonstration and evaluation of the machine. Many of the innovations introduced on the ABG6870 when it was launched at the start of 2007 certainly impressed Barr's road crews whilst the machine was on demonstration. "The electrically heated screed, low noise level on and around the machine and good fuel economy are the features that are immediately evident," comments Barr's Senior Agent Derek Parker. And the ABG6870 boasts a massive 9dB(a) reduction in external noise levels and a 20 to 25% fuel saving over its predecessor.

The ABG6870 wheeled paver is the first machine to feature continuous independent traction control over all six wheels. Powered by a Tier III 122Kw engine, the operator is able to use the 'Smart Power' setting to vary the power output depending on the conditions of the application. Running nominally at just 1600rpm the ABG6870 boasts significantly low noise emissions besides being highly fuel efficient. The 6x6 'Smart Drive' technology offers unparalleled traction. Even on the most difficult bases, tractive effort is automatically adjusted according to ground condition and the weight of material available in the machine's 12 tonne capacity hopper. The machine demonstrates a class beating degree of manoeuvrability thanks to the 'Active Steering' feature with an inside turning radius of just 2.5 metres. This coupled to individual suspension struts means the paver can overcome obstacles in one go that competitive models can only do after several complicated manoeuvres. This high degree of flexibility found on the ABG 6870 enables Barr Surfacing to tackle a wide variety of contracts from major surfacing projects for Transport Scotland to smaller roads and maintenance in the public and private sectors.

Screed performance is a distinct feature on Volvo ABG pavers. The ABG6870 has a variable screed width of between 2.5 and 5 metres in standard configuration but can be fitted with optional extensions to provide a generous width of 9 metres. With an output potential of up to 700 tonnes per hour, the machine can continuously pave up to 40 metres per minute at a thickness of 300mm.

Operator comfort and user friendliness is another important factor for the road crews of Barr Surfacing. For instance, the steering wheel, which allows for a particularly sensitive control of the machine, can be placed in various positions around the EPM (Electronic Paver Management) control panel. The large screen display is the only one of its kind on the market giving a bird's eye view or map of the paver, allowing the operator to monitor and control all the important functions as a glance. The EPM control panel has backlit control buttons to facilitate paving at night. Besides a comfortable seat the operator is afforded an excellent view of the flow of material in the hopper, the head of material in the auger channel and material laydown. The flexible all weather roof can be hydraulically lowered along with the exhaust pipe for transportation. With a good deal of work being undertaken at night time, Xenon lighting has been also been included as an aid to the operator and crew.

The purchase of the two new Volvo pavers is the start of a re-investment programme - the new machines bringing Barr's fleet of pavers to a total of seven machines all of which are deployed throughout the South West and Central Belt of Scotland on a wide variety of surfacing projects.

Barr Surfacing & Civil Engineering is a division of Barr Industrial and is supported by Barr Quarries who have strategically placed quarries, asphalt plants and concrete plants throughout South West Scotland. Barr Industrial is a division of the Barr Group located in Paisley. Since 2003 the Company has refocused the approach to its business, having divested itself of non-core activities, and is concentrating on developing its Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial and Environmental divisions. The Industrial division's assets include 70m tonnes of consented mineral reserves while Barr Environmental has over 7m cubic metres of consented landfill.

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