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Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG)

To catch a thief….. (29/07/06)

Following a recent meeting of the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) in London, it was decided to launch a new identification scheme to combat the growing problem of plant theft in the UK. Mr Kevin Clancy, MD for Clancy Dowcra and Chairman of PTAG has worked extensively over a number of years to bring together key stakeholders such as the Metropolitan Police, Plant Hire Companies, Construction Contractors, Construction Clients and Insurance Companies. It would appear therefore that his hard work, dedication and ingenuity are about to pay off.

Although much of the strategy has been decided upon the operational details of the scheme require additional work; such will be finalised over forthcoming months. OPERC does now have representation on PTAG's working group since Mr Clancy has invited Dr David J. Edwards, Loughborough University to join. Consequently, members will now be kept informed of any news emanating from PTAG activities and the benefits of these.