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A-Plant Makes New 800,000 Investment For Increased Share Of UK Groundworks Market

A-Plant Acrow, a division of A-Plant Specialist Products, has made a major expansion in the UK groundworks market with an investment worth over 800,000 in new trench shoring equipment from LTW Tiefbauvertriebs GmbH of Germany. This initial order for 800,000 is the first stage in a stepped plan of growth at A-Plant, designed to establish the company as an important player in the vibrant groundworks market, currently estimated by industry analysts to have a value of over 60 million annually.

Andy Scott, Operational Director of A-Plant Acrow, said: "Virtually every construction project involves trenching of some kind. With our new 800,000 investment, we can now offer a hire fleet of brand new trench shoring boxes providing optimum solutions for small and medium-sized site operations. Applications for this equipment can be found in every industry from utilities such as water, gas, electricity and cabling to flood defence work. The high standard of the versatile trench shoring systems meets the requirements of current and future health and safety legislation."

The Mini-Box system from A-Plant Acrow is ideal for small and medium-sized urban underground cable and pipelaying projects. The low weight of the boxes makes them easy to install and withdraw when using the place-in-position method in trenches up to 3.0 m in depth. Four different brace sizes make the system readily adaptable to a large variety of worksite situations.

A-Plant also offers new LTW shoring boxes for deeper trenches, that differ from the Mini-Boxes by having braces supported by articulated spring elements ('mushroom fittings') that enable the boxes to be installed either by being placed directly in position or by the cut-and-lower method. The spring elements make it possible to add brace extensions to achieve the desired trench width.

As well as the new trench boxes, the hire fleet at A-Plant Acrow includes drag boxes, hydraulic waling frames, manhole braces, tank braces and a variety of both light and heavy duty trench sheets.

In addition, the A-Plant Acrow fleet offers a full range of formwork and falsework systems for any size project in the UK. The equipment available includes the very popular EcoAs and Mammut wall formwork systems from Meva, both of which feature the unique Alkus panel face for improved concrete finishes, as well as a complete range of high strength, low weight aluminium falsework and formwork products, a Heavy Duty Support System and an Edge Protection System.

A-Plant Acrow also offers for hire a complete range of falsework and formwork products for constructing concrete decks and floor slabs. These include the MEP Prop and MevaDec products, which are highly adaptable support systems, quick to erect and strike, whilst providing all the features required to meet health and safety regulations.

Complementing the products and customer support available from its 14 locations, A-Plant Acrow offers design and advice on temporary works from four strategically located regional engineering offices. The qualified engineering staff, together with the special projects research and development department, are capable of dealing with the most complex or unusual of structures. This comprehensive range of equipment and technical capability makes A-Plant Acrow the ideal rental partner for construction companies and allied trades involved with temporary works.

A-Plant is one of the largest non-operated plant and tool hire companies worldwide. The company has a fleet of over 110,000 pieces of equipment available for hire comprising of plant, tools and specialist equipment. A-Plant currently serves over 30,000 customers in the construction, industrial, commercial, utility and homeowner markets and has expanded from a five-depot operation to having a network of over 200 depots in Great Britain, with outlets in every major town and city in the country. The company website - located at - provides a definitive on-line guide for the equipment hire industry.