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Hill Newsletter Focuses On Excavator Attachments

Hill Engineering Ltd, designer and manufacturer of the unique 'Safety First' Auto-Loc fully automatic excavator quick hitch, together with a range of top quality buckets, has published the first issue of Attachments Focus, a newsletter about the company’s specialisation in the excavator attachments sector.

Attachments Focus, to be published on a periodic basis, will concentrate on the latest news from Hill Engineering, including company & product developments and other items of interest to specifiers, buyers and users of excavator attachments.

The launch issue contains information about the world-class leading Auto-Loc quick hitch and the company's high performance bucket range, alongside other articles about its research & development facilities and the current investment in the robotic automation of their bucket production line.

The newsletter also highlights the proposed Health & Safety Executive (HSE) ban on the manufacture of semi-automatic quick hitches and the recommendation by some major contractors that only fully automatic hitches are used on their machines/sites.

It also confirms that the Hill Auto-Loc fully automatic quick hitch, with its advanced safety features, is fully compliant with all existing and proposed safety standards & legislation, making it what is claimed to be the safest and best engineered quick hitch on the market today.

Hill Engineering is particularly interested to hear from users of its products who may have interesting application stories or testimonials of their own, for possible use in future issues of the newsletter.