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DEUTZ Launch Groundbreaking Engine Telematics Monitoring & Diagnostics System

DEUTZ, one of the world's leading independent engine manufacturers, has unveiled a new telematics system for the remote monitoring of engines and fleet management - the first from an industrial engine manufacturer.

The system uses satellite tracking technology to send engine and machine data to a central server that can then be accessed by DEUTZ customers.

Data on the current condition of the engine and the equipment it powers, such as coolant, oil and fuel levels, can be constantly and reliably monitored. This data can be read and evaluated on an Internet-enabled computer from anywhere in the world.

In addition, warning messages are sent to the user's PC whenever the fuel, oil and coolant levels reach minimum levels.

By using the system, downtimes in equipment and engines can be reduced. Because the condition of the engine is permanently known, maintenance schedules can be planned and adjusted to suit usage requirements.

The controller that records the information via a GPS (Global Positioning System) is attached to the engine. It records data such as speed, operating hours, and oil and fuel levels and transmits it at regular intervals by GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service) to a central server.

Anyone with the appropriate access permissions can communicate from anywhere in the world via the server to gain access to the engine's settings. All that is required is an Internet-capable PC.

DEUTZ Telematics works bi-directionally, so that it can provide remote access to defined functions as well as analysing and monitoring the engine.

By constantly monitoring the capacity, utilisation and availability of their engines and equipment, customers can identify excess capacities and improve the efficiency of their vehicle fleets.

Another important function, 'geofencing' theft protection, is included in the system. Users are able to select the operating range of their equipment. If this limit is exceeded, a warning signal is emitted or a text message is sent to the owner.

DEUTZ Telematics is easy to install and can be adapted to meet customers' specific needs. It is also compatible with non-DEUTZ engines. Various models are available, allowing users to select the most appropriate for their requirements.

DEUTZ UK Service General Manager, Mike Nugent, said: "DEUTZ Telematics is yet another first from the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel and gas engines. We believe that it offers customers the very latest and best solution for the fast and efficient online monitoring of their engines and equipment."

With an overall engine range extending from 9kW to 500kW, and models suitable for wide variety of markets and applications, including the construction, quarrying, mining, materials handling, agricultural, groundcare, industrial and airport ground handling equipment sectors, DEUTZ produce around 286,000 units annually.

DEUTZ engines are widely used in excavators, wheeled loaders, access platforms, compactors, cranes, crushers, screeners, compressors, lift trucks, tractors, ride-on mowers, chippers, shredders, gensets and other off-highway mobile plant.

Full sales, service and product support is available through the DEUTZ UK centrally located Cannock facility, supported by a dedicated nationwide team of factory trained Service Engineers, equipped with a fleet of mobile workshops, together with a network of specialist appointed local distributors.