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Genset Engines Generate Sales Rise For DEUTZ

Diesel engines from leading manufacturer DEUTZ are increasingly being specified by generating set manufacturers.

All engines within the DEUTZ generator sets range are space-saving, powerful and low weight units, extending from 9kVA to 558kVA, and with few service points they set new standards in quality, performance, reliability, compactness and environmental efficiency.

The DEUTZ genset engines range starts with the 2009 Series water cooled models. These three and four cylinder engines have power outputs from 12 to 35kVA, covering frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz.

The 2011 Series range of oil cooled engines includes two, three and four cylinder versions, with a four cylinder turbocharged model completing the line up. Power outputs extend from 12 to 50kVA, with both 50Hz and 60Hz versions available.

The well-proven DEUTZ 91 Series includes the 912, 913 and 914 air cooled engines, available in three, four and six cylinder in-line versions. They have power outputs from 29 to 145kVA (at cos phi 0.8) and cover mains power frequencies from 50 to 60Hz.

The DEUTZ genset engines range also includes the 2012 and 1013 water cooled versions. These four and six cylinder models have power outputs from 54kVA to 236kVA, with mains power frequencies from 50 to 60Hz.

The range is completed by the DEUTZ 1015 Series of compact V configuration six and eight cylinder turbocharged and charge air cooled engines, with power outputs from 211kVA to 558kVA.

All DEUTZ genset engines feature an advanced injection and combustion systems and, according to power output, full electronic control.

With their innovative compact design, together with minimum maintenance and low operating costs, all engines in the gensets range deliver exceptional value for money.

Established in 1864, DEUTZ is the world's leading independent diesel and gas engine manufacturer, producing around 286,000 units annually, with a turnover in excess of EUR 1.5 billion.

It has an overall product range extending from 9kW to 500kW, with engines suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications, including the construction, quarrying, mining, materials handling, agricultural, groundcare, industrial and airport ground handling equipment sectors.

In addition to gensets, DEUTZ engines are widely used in excavators, wheeled loaders, access platforms, compactors, cranes, crushers, screeners, compressors, lift trucks, tractors, ride-on mowers, chippers, shredders and other off-highway mobile plant.

Full sales, service and product support is available through the DEUTZ UK centrally located Cannock facility, supported by a dedicated nationwide team of factory trained Service Engineers, equipped with a fleet of mobile workshops, together with a network of specialist appointed local distributors.