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‘Get On Track’ with the new range of Plunge Saws from DeWALT

January 2008 – DeWALT – a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools, will launch an extensive range of plunge saws, tracks and attachments to the market. Highlighting DeWALT’s commitment to strengthening and expanding its woodworking and saws categories, the DeWALT plunge saw system will bring intricate levels of accuracy and extremely fast set up speed. This offers the professional end user the potential to perform a wide range of applications with a hand held saw that were previously only possible with a table or mitre saw. The plunge saw system is ideal for carpenters, cabinet makers and installers, kitchen fitters and installers, hardwood floor installers, roofers and traditional woodworkers.

The DeWALT plunge saw range comprises the DWS520K Corded unit, and also the first and only 28 Volt and 18 Volt cordless plunge saws on the market. The DC351KL 28 Volt Nano Technology unit is part of the new DeWALT 28 Volt range, whilst the DC352KB 18 Volt XRP unit fits into the extensive DeWALT 18 Volt battery system.

The DeWALT plunge saw offers a parallel plunge which allows the user to maintain a smooth and constant hand position whilst cutting, whilst the high torque 1300 Watt motor and 48 tooth blade deliver powerful and accurate cuts. The fixed rail adjusters on the saws increase the accuracy further by reducing deflection during a cut, whilst the integral anti-kickback function stops the saw from moving backwards down the track whilst plunging. The corded unit also offers tachometric variable speed, which means the saw can maintain constant speed during even heavy duty cuts.

The track and attachments system includes a 1 metre, 1.5 metre and 2.6 metre track and a number of attachments designed around the applications required from the saws. These tracks have foam cushioning to keep the rail firmly on the work-piece, and anti-splinter lips on both sides of the rail making it reversible– a unique feature that provides twice the set up versatility of conventional plunge saws. The central section of the tracks is extremely strong, which stops the plunge saws from twisting during a cut. The attachments include a router attachment, allowing all DeWALT routers to be used on the rails.

New Attachments Available
DWS5028 Angle attachment for tracks
DWS5031 Router attachment for tracks
DWS5022 1.5 m track
DWS5026 Two quick clamps
DWS5025 Bag - for use with 1 m and 1.5 m DEWALT guide rails
DWS5023 2.6 m track
DWS5021 1 m track
DWS5027 'T' square attachment for tracks
DWS5029 Replacement edge strip
DWS5030 Replacement low friction strip

Power Input 1300 Watts 700 Watts 390 Watts
No Load Speed 1750 - 4000 rpm 3500 rpm 3200 rpm
Blade Diameter 165 mm 165 mm 165 mm
Bevel Capacity 47° 47° 47°
Max. Depth of Cut at 90º 59 mm 59 mm 59 mm
Max. Depth of Cut at 90º[with guide rails] 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm
Max. Depth of Cut at 45º 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Max. Depth of Cut at 45º[with guide rails] 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Weight 5.1 kg 4.7 kg 4.6 kg