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New F series loaders land at Day Aggs

Day Aggregates Ltd of Brentford Middlesex has taken delivery of five new F series Volvo wheeled loaders for its aggregates and recycling centres across London and the south east of England.

The deal for four Volvo L180F loaders and an L110F follows hard on the heels of two thirty six tonne excavators delivered at the end of 2006 and replace five year old loaders that have clocked up in excess of 13000 hours. "We've chosen Volvo wheeled loaders once again for their reliability and all round performance," commented Stuart Holmes, Day Aggregates' Plant Manager. "Volvo is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to product support and this is another important reason why we're sticking with them," he continued.

Taking charge of the stockyards at Day Aggregates recycling and aggregate facilities, the recently launched L180F loaders equipped with 4.5m rehandling buckets are powered by a Tier III 12 litre Volvo engine developing 320 hp at just 1400rpm. The Tier III/Stage 3 low emission engine delivers high torque at just above tick over, giving the new loaders excellent rimpull and low fuel consumption as well as a significant reduction in noise levels of the E series machine. Much effort has been expended to increase mid-range torque; giving better operability in the most economic engine speed range. One practical consequence of this increase in horsepower is better pile penetration and fuller buckets.

Engine power is converted into work via a new smooth shifting electric-hydraulic HTE transmission. All the operator has to do is select Forward or Reverse. The Volvo Full Automatic Power Shift (FAPS) then takes over and selects which of the four forward and four reverse gears is required - and the perfect moment to change ratio. The system is independent of both machine and engine speed. New software in the ECU adapts to the operators' style of driving, optimizing gear changing parameters and saving fuel by always selecting the right gear. For improved operator comfort, oil-filled clutches and a Pulse-Width Modulation Valve in the transmission allow smoother shifting and minimize jolting when changing between gears. The transmission is also significantly quieter than its predecessor, and maximum speed has also been increased. The fact that all major components of the driveline (engine, transmission, axles) are designed and built by Volvo means that they work in harmony, in terms of performance, reliability and also fuel efficiency.

The smaller L110F powered by a 7 litre Volvo engine has been purchased for a specific contract undertaking by Day Aggregates for a bagging operation near Lydd in Kent and has been supplied with a heavy duty high tip bucket for aggregate handling. All five new loaders have been supplied with the Volvo 'Silver' customer linked repair and maintenance support agreement.

Founded in the early fifties by the late John Day, Day Aggregates, a division of Day Group Ltd supplies over three million tonnes of construction material per annum. With depots linked to Network Rail and a network of factory concept processing plants strategically placed around Greater London, Day Aggregates processes construction and demolition waste for re-use in a variety of construction applications. The Company also provides bulk aggregates fro construction projects.

Volvo Construction Equipment Ltd market wheeled loaders, articulated haulers, hydraulic excavators, graders, Volvo Compact Equipment and Volvo road machinery products. Nine strategically placed customer support centres and a network of compact equipment dealers ensure high quality customer support throughout Great Britain.