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A-Plant Preserves Environment With New Protective Products And Initiatives

A-Plant Preserves Environment With New Protective Products And Initiatives

A-Plant has introduced a number of initiatives and products designed to preclude against any negative impact on the environment. The new developments are the result of an environmental campaign implemented by the company's Performance Standards team.

The new environment protection solutions include the Plant Nappy, a spill control system for plant and machinery on site. The Plant Nappy is a better alternative to the use of drip trays under plant and machinery as the design allows spillages of oil or fuel to be caught in the base, whilst permitting rainfall to escape through the side walls as unpolluted groundwater.

The Plant Nappy is hardwearing as it is specifically designed for use on site and comprises a base made from a non-permeable fabric laminated with an oil soak pad, with a permeable top fabric to allow free passage of contaminants. The side wall features a filter fabric that allows free passage of water but not oil, so water can be discharged clean to the environment.

A-Plant is also changing over to the use of water based paint for recoating the company's machines. The switch to water based paint is intended to limit the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of the paints used by A-Plant, thus reducing emissions into the atmosphere and complying with the first stage of the COSHH Regulations, which involves substituting a hazardous product with a non hazardous one. As well as protecting the environment, A-Plant staff will also benefit from better working conditions.

A-Plant has an ongoing commitment to improving health and safety and is also committed to minimising any risk or negative impact the company may have on the environment. A-Plant's dedication to protecting the environment becomes increasingly more important as the construction industry is being targeted by the Environment Agency via the Sitewise II Project to assist with improving environmental awareness and performance.