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New Stihl Ts 410 Cut-Off Saw. ***Advertisement Feature from Stihl***

The Legend Continues : Proven power. More efficiency. More World-class performance

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The legendary STIHL TS 400 is regarded by many as the ultimate cut-off saw for professional use in road and building construction. Indeed it has been the world's No.1 cut-off saw for more than ten years. Now it has a successor - the STIHL TS 410, and the legend continues with the new model setting yet more high standards for others to follow. Unveiled for the first time in Britain at SED 2007 and on sale from 1st July, the new STIHL TS 410 cut-off saw heralds proven power, more efficiency and more world-class performance from this No.1 brand. Innovative engine technology delivers proven power for the user with reduced fuel consumption for their pocket. A new long-life air filter system negates the need for daily filter cleaning and further improves efficiency. Vibration and emission levels set new standards in their class, and STIHL's renowned design expertise adds superb handling performance to this exciting new model.

Making its British debut at SED 2007, the new STIHL TS 410 sees the legend of STIHL cut-off saws continue. Coupling a ground-breaking new engine with premium functionality and smart new design, the STIHL TS 410 is not only powerful but also superb to handle and cost-efficient in use. Meeting the rigorous demands of construction and hire, the new model's robust build quality, ease of maintenance and standard-setting levels of vibration and environmental efficiency further reinforce STIHL's world-leading position as the No.1 cut-off saw brand.

Available from STIHL servicing dealers from 1st July, the new model is available in two wheel sizes : the TS 410 has a 300mm (12") cutting wheel; the TS 420 is a 350mm (14") model.

Proven Power. Reduced Fuel Consumption. More Environmental Efficiency :

The new high performance engine from STIHL
STIHL introduced its innovative new engine technology to two cut-off saws in recent years and the new high performance engine has confirmed its promise, delivering proven power alongside reduced fuel consumption and improved environmental efficiency. That same technology now benefits the new STIHL TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off saws; their new 3.2kW engine powering their cutting wheels comfortably and reliably through asphalt, stone, and metal. The secret of the new models' top performance lies in the engine's four port technology and a stratified charge system which injects a clean layer of air between the burned charge in the engine's combustion chamber and fresh charge in the crankcase. The result is an engine that benefits both user and their environment : power to tackle the toughest tasks and up to 20% lower fuel consumption than its predecessors. And in a world increasingly focussed on environmental concerns, exhaust emissions are also significantly reduced, falling comfortably within the strict limits of existing and future (EU II) legislation.

Reduced Maintenance. Reduced Service Costs :

The new long-life air filter system
Cut-off saw users will immediately appreciate the benefits of the innovative long-life air filter system used in the new STIHL TS 410. The three-stage air filter system with cyclone pre-filtration not only significantly extends filter life, daily filter cleaning becomes a thing of the past. That makes the new TS 410 more cost-efficient to run and more time-efficient to use. Cyclone pre-filtration effectively removes 80 percent of intake air particles at the very first filter stage, and unlike conventional systems they do not collect on the filter, but are returned directly to the ambient air. Filter life is extended to several times that of a conventional system and the highly effective filtration promotes long engine life.

Superb Handling. Standard-setting Low Vibration. Effortless Control :

Familiar and functional new design
STIHL has used its extensive experience with cut-off saw users in the design and development of this new cut-off saw. Users of the legendary TS 400 will welcome the new model's familiar and functional controls, and its compact new design assures the same superb handling and effortless control. In hand-held operation for example, the new model's loop handle has been developed using the latest ergonomic findings to ensure ease of operation in any working position as well as optimum working control. For precision cutting, the TS 410 clamps simply onto the compact STIHL FW 20 cart, with clever quick-release fasteners negating the need for tools. Cutting depth is adjusted via the upper handlebar and an accessory water container sits neatly on the cart. STIHL has led the way in cut-off saw technology for many years, and once again sets new standards with its latest model. A new and highly effective anti-vibration system does exactly as it implies, and transmission of engine vibrations to the user's hands and arms is greatly reduced. That relieves the user's muscles and joints. At only 3.9 m/sē the new STIHL TS 410 vibration value is perceptibly below the limits of the recent EU Directive and effectively triples the new model's permitted 'trigger time' when compared to its predecessor. Using figures from the HSE*, that means a user can operate the TS 410 throughout the course of a normal 8-hour day, and comfortably within the Directive's guidelines.

Robust. Dependable. The Legendary STIHL

STIHL cut-off saw users value the reliability of its machines, in their tough working environment they need a tool they can depend on. Robust build quality is a given in the new cut-off saws, assuring STIHL's hallmark reliability - even under extreme conditions. Supported by a network of servicing dealers nationwide, the new STHL TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off saws are set to make trusted working partners and will confidently continue the legend of STIHL.

The new STIHL TS 410 and TS 420 cut-off saws will be on sale from 1st July 2007 - from the nationwide network of servicing dealers. To join the mailing list and receive advance information on the next generation cut-off saws from STIHL, visit the website : or Freephone 0800 137574 and quote EDTS410.

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