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OPERC Safety Alert

The material contained within this OPERC Safety Alert constitutes general guidelines only; it does not reduce, or replace, any legal obligations upon employers (or employees), for example, to comply with any statutory duties under relevant legislation. All guidance herein is provided in good faith; but the reader must accept that because each work setting is different, this OPERC Safety Alert cannot purport to offer optimal advice for all possible circumstances. Readers must use the OPERC Safety Alert as a basis for learning about the subject only and decision makers should undertake professional consultation as appropriate, before acting upon any recommendations contained within it. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are correct, error free, and representing best practice, but no guarantee is made express or implied, that this is the case. Accordingly, this OPERC Safety Alert is offered without legal liability or responsibility on the part of the author, editors, publisher, distributor, or anyone else involved in its production.