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OPERC Modules - Information

These modules provide a mechanism for teaching and learning of basic health and safety (H&S) knowledge. They should only be 'delivered' to learners by appropriately qualified and competent instructors. Alternatively, they may be used for self-study by learners as a complement to say, undertaking an in-house health and safety training course.

The subjects may be 'mixed and matched' to satisfy individual H&S learning objectives, but note that the range of subjects available is constantly being added to, so do call by regularly to see what is new!

If you have a particular subject requirement, then our team of specialists should be able to develop this learning material for you - so please do contact us - to discuss your specific needs.

Purchasers (i.e. users) of the modules are strongly advised to consult with their relevant health and safety enforcement body as appropriate (e.g. The Health and Safety Executive within the UK) to ensure that compliance with any legal or other mandatory requirements is maintained in all aspects of health and safety training.

All modules consist of approximately 15 to 20 A4 pages of text (and where appropriate additional graphics, images and tables). They are supplied in PDF format, suitable for personal use and / or handout purposes.

Purchase of these individual modules is not subject to an annual license or renewal fee; but the onus is on the purchaser to ensure that they remain current and valid (i.e. at each time of their use or delivery to learners).

Alternatively, OPERC Members are able to register for complete access to all modules (under a yearly license agreement) at a fraction of the cost. As a registered 'complete access' user, you will have admission to all module revisions and updates as they are produced.

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