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Plant and Equipment Theft: A Practical Guide (Edition 2)

Dr David J. Edwards

Product Information:
Plant and Equipment Theft: A Practical Guide (Edition 2)
Item Code:  PUB-013
ISBN:  978-1-906977-02-3
Published:  2007
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC)
Pages:  42 (Softback)
Price:  £25.00   
(Member Price: £17.50)
Produced in assocation with Automatrics, Hewden, Mtrack and Thiefbeaters.

Since the first edition of this guide was published in 2006, the subject of plant and equipment theft has gained increased recognition throughout many sectors of industry. This is to be applauded, for the more prominence afforded the issue then the more likely are hirers, owners and operators of such equipment, to take practical steps to make their assets more secure.

However, commentators presently quantify the cost of plant theft within the UK at approximately £100 million per annum. When this is considered alongside average recovery rates of between five and ten per cent for stolen plant items, the need to continue fighting back against the criminal is self evident.

Fortunately, the technologies that underpin plant theft security and stolen asset recovery systems continue to evolve. If properly employed, these technologies can make it harder for criminals to carry out a theft, while also increasing the probability of stolen assets being reunited with their legitimate owners. Nevertheless, owners and operators must still maintain an awareness of the issues regarding plant theft – and take practical measures to address them – if they want to avoid becoming victims.

This revised second edition of OPERC’s guide on plant and equipment theft has been updated to include the provision of additional practical guidance, as well as the inclusion of more recent statistics and reporting on advancements in security systems. Its overriding aim remains to contribute something to helping reduce this unfortunate criminal activity.