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A Best Practice Guide for Plant Instructors

Dr David J. Edwards

Product Information:
A Best Practice Guide for Plant Instructors
Item Code:  PUB-002
ISBN:  0-947974-14-8
Published:  2003
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), Loughborough University Press.
Pages:  33 (Softback)
Price:  £15.00   
(Member Price: £10.00)
Produced in association with JCB and endorsed by the British Safety Council.

Since the publication of OPERC's Voluntary Code of Practice (VCOP) for Plant and Equipment: Operator Training, extensive interest has been generated throughout industry and academia to produce additional information for plant operator training. Specifically, such information is required to further improve the quality of plant operator ‘basic’ training and so help ensure safe plant and equipment operation. The VCOP focused largely upon the development of a core framework for operator training; this having being agreed by a diverse range of industry practitioners and professional bodies representing the plant and equipment sector.

This publication further expands upon the general aspects introduced in the VCOP, by providing detailed ‘best practice guidance’ for plant and equipment instructors who provide basic training. There is particular emphasis on the duties of the instructor, how to develop a training course and how to deliver that course once developed. In a comprehensive appendix, instructor, machine and trainee ratios are presented, providing details of how many machines and operatives one instructor can safely manage at any given time. At present an Approved Code of Practice for rider operated fork lift trucks (as prescribed by the Health and Safety Executive, UK) can be obtained but for many other plant and equipment items, no such guidance is available. This publication therefore addresses this current deficiency in the literature and serves to provide much needed guidance for instructors.