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Guidance on the Safe Use of Excavator Quick-hitch Devices

Dr David J. Edwards

Product Information:
Guidance on the Safe Use of Excavator Quick-hitch Devices
Item Code:  PUB-012
ISBN:  978-1-906977-01-6
Published:  2007
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC)
Pages:  37 (Softback)
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Produced in assocation with Hewden Hire, C.J.M. Engineering and Finning UK Ltd.

Items of earth moving equipment, particularly excavators, often need a change of attachment to adapt to different work tasks. This change may be from a large bucket to a smaller one, from a rip to a grapple or from a bucket to a breaker; the options are numerous, as are the number of changes in any typical working day. The time needed to carry out an attachment change can be extensive, so combined, these aspects often represent a considerable loss of machine productivity.

Excavator quick-hitch devices are therefore used extensively, because they can significantly reduce the time required to change an attachment. However, the number of workplace accidents related to the use of quick-hitches has increased of late, mainly due to their misuse or mismanagement. The accidents typically feature an attachment breaking free from a machine and falling on to a worker. Many of these accidents have been serious and unfortunately, several deaths have resulted.

This guide aims to educate and inform on the safe use of excavator quick-hitches . By engendering a safer approach to the use of quick-hitches it is hoped that this guidance will make some contribution to reducing the unfortunate accident statistics relating to them.