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A Guide to Hand-arm Vibration (2nd Edition)

Dr David J. Edwards and Dr Gary D. Holt

Product Information:
A Guide to Hand-arm Vibration (2nd Edition)
Item Code:  PUB-010
ISBN:  978-0-947974-54-1
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), Loughborough University Press.
Pages:  43 (Softback)
Price:  £20.00   
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Produced in association with A-Plant, Brandon Tool Hire, Hewden, Hire Station, HSS Hire, Major Hire Companies Group (MHCG) and Speedy Hire.

OPERC’s first edition of this Guide came about in response to Directive 2002/44/EC of the European Parliament on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding exposure of workers to the risks of physical agents (vibration). It was published to coincide with the UK’s health and safety legislation resulting from that Directive, known as the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005).

Since publication, the Guide has become an integral part of the health and safety literature in the field; whilst feedback from health and safety practitioners has confirmed that it also enjoys a place of prominence in the ‘armoury’ of reference material that employers look to, in supporting their legal obligations of the said Regulations.

OPERC has made noteworthy progress in furthering the science of hand-arm vibration (HAV) over the last few years. This seems a timely juncture therefore to revise this former document based on that progress, as a mechanism to disseminate these advancements in knowledge, products and services, for the benefit of all who may gain from them. Accordingly, OPERC is pleased to offer A Guide to Hand-arm Vibration (2nd Edition).

Contents include: Introduction; A Description of Hand-arm Vibration and Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome; Potential Negative Health Effects from Exposure to HAV; Standards, Legislation and HAV; How to Identify and Assess HAV Risks; How to Minimise the Risks; Conclusion; and References and Bibliography. (Also contains seven Figures; four Tables and two Appendices).

If you have any queries regarding Hand-arm Vibration, then please contact the OPERC Administrator. Email: [email protected]