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Plant and Equipment Theft: A Practical Guide (Edition 1)

Mr Richard J. Carmichael, Dr David J.Edwards and Dr Gary D. Holt

Product Information:
Plant and Equipment Theft: A Practical Guide (Edition 1)
Item Code:  PUB-009
ISBN:  0-947974-40-7
Published:  2006
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), Loughborough University Press.
Pages:  24 (Softback)
Price:  £30.00   
(Member Price: £20.00)
Produced in association with Anvil Hire Ltd and Thiefbeaters Theft Solutions Ltd.

The existence of criminal activity, and the act of stealing in particular, is an unfortunate characteristic of society. Victims of theft not only incur loss of their property, but often also experience inconvenience, anger and even trauma. In an industrial setting generally, and a plant and equipment context specifically, theft can be equally as disturbing; but the losses inflicted upon business activity often extend far beyond the value of stolen plant item(s). Other ‘indirect costs’ such as hiring or purchasing replacement plant, loss of production, negative impact on business operations and increased insurance premiums, mean that the real ‘value’ of plant and equipment theft are almost impossible to quantify with confident accuracy.

It is not the exclusive responsibility of plant and equipment owners to tackle the problem of plant theft. For example, security manufacturers can contribute by developing and producing optimal security systems, while plant and equipment manufacturers can also play a pivotal role, by engineering-in to their products deterrents against theft. This Guide is designed to contribute something to helping the problem too. It aims to broaden understanding and debate of the subject, while simultaneously highlighting in practical terms what types of action can be taken by owners and operators to help minimise the risk of theft.

If as a result of the Guide’s publication, some contribution is made to reducing this specific criminal activity, then it will have achieved its intended purpose.