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Voluntary Code of Practice for Plant and Equipment: Operator Training

Dr David J. Edwards

Product Information:
Voluntary Code of Practice for Plant and Equipment: Operator Training
Item Code:  PUB-001
ISBN:  0-947974-06-7
Published:  2002
Publisher:  Off-highway Plant and Equipment Research Centre (OPERC), Loughborough University Press.
Pages:  24 (Softback)
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Produced in association with Finning (UK) Ltd and endorsed by the British Safety Council.

Mechanisation is an invaluable resource that now dominates the industrial ‘developed’ economy. Each year, the diversification and proliferation of plant and equipment in industry continues to grow as expensive labour resources are gradually replaced. This trend is further influenced by the need to reduce production and labour costs whilst simultaneously minimising production times. Many components and materials are now pre-packaged or pre-assembled and rely upon mechanisation for distribution, lifting and storage. Without plant and equipment, increases in productivity could not be achieved and the competitiveness of many organisations would be reduced significantly.

With the advance of mechanisation an associated increase in plant and equipment related accidents has occurred. Every year around 70 people are killed as a result of workplace transport accidents and several thousand more seriously maimed or injured. Clearly, the need for practical health and safety guidance that interprets current legislation and ensures a safer working environment is of the utmost importance to practitioners. This Voluntary Code of Practice aims to provide such guidance and represents a significant step forward in best practice procedures for operator training and competence development.